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In the Heart of Paris Activation Massage

Namaste. Welcome Tantric Universe.

We would like to help open the center of the energy system;

HEART. The rewards are great! A rich sense of gratitude and connection stem from harmonious oscillations between the root and heart. To Balance the Heart chakra, which is connected to the air element and the sense of touch, there’s nothing better than a Full Body Mind Sensations Spirit Soul Holistic Massage nourishing oils with the aroma of love a cozy relaxing environment, a blissful touch, listening to divine music. Moving from the heart to the feet passing through every inch of your body and back again opening from low to high channel, and then gently moving from the heart to the face and scalp softness sensuality ending with the tips of the fingers in towards your heart sending loving energy with every single touch.

There are so many benefits, so let’s get to it and open to giving and receiving love!

Lets radiate love and compassion by balancing this self intelligent muscle and easily being able to both give and receive love

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