And welcome to a new world within the tantric universe

We are tantra specialists who trained all over the world with the finest teachers.

We combine different disciplines such as tantric touch , Tantric, Dynamic and Mindfullness meditations, deeP Focus and  kundalini breathing, Energy healing, emotional release, Tantric Yoga, singing bowls and healing voice for your maximum experience.

Beyond giving you access to a wonderful ecstatic experience our approach is about lastingly rewiring your relationship with yourself, pleasure, life and happiness. It is about being tuned-in and turned-on, Tapped into your innate power, creativity, innocence and intuition.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything"

- Lao Tzu 

Our Team

 Available in January 2021
Profesional Studies in Rishikesh India; Yoga for the Soul and Mind,
Vedic Parapsychology. Art therapist and Cacao Ceremony guide. 
Tolteka studies and practices. Mayan tantric studies 
Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage,
Muscular and Holistic massage.
Not available for now.
Tantric Body Dearmouring.
Sexological Bodywork.
Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai Nei Tsang
(Abdominal and genital therapeutic Thaï massage)
TANTRA Experience
TANTRA Master 


60MIN            90MIN

250 €              300 €

 Integrated tantric journey where the best of several disciplines, traditions and knowledge combine results in a full experience focused on you.


Includes: Tantric mindfulness meditation, deep tantric breathing, profound full body relaxing massage + sensual and nurturing tantric massage with high quality oils,  kundalini activation.

May include: Shamanic cleansing or energies, subtle feather meditation, singing bowls relaxation.



120MIN          150 MIN

350 €            400 €

Designed for Tantra practitioners and meditators this sacred experience is accessible to all.

You will explore the subtlest sensations, entering a deep conscious journey that will lead you into new discoveries of your energetic body. Surrender and flow to reach the most profound levels within yourself, improve your daily physical performance.

Simply indulge!


Includes: Tantric meditation, profound full body tantric massage with high quality oils, aromatherapy, tantric breathing, sound healing, singing bowls relaxation.

May include: Tantric warmup, shamanic cleansing of energies, powerful healing stones, subtle feather meditation and kundalini activation.


Tantric Ritual of The 5 Elements
Tantric Dearmouring

120MIN          150 MIN

330 €             390€

Enjoy a contrasted travel into the 5 éléments of touch.

The grounding comfort of Earth, the soothing flow of water, the teasing lightness of air, the electrifying heat of fire, the subtlety of ether will open all your channels to allow your whole body to flow with intense pleasure and nourishing joy.

This ritual is combined with Tantric massage to take you into highten bliss.


Includes: Tantric and mindfulness meditation, Ritual of the 5 elements, Profound full body tantric massage with high quality oils, tantric breathing, singing bowls relaxation.


May include: Tantric dynamic warmup, Tantric breathing techniques for sublimation of energy, Kundalini activation, sound healing, powerful healing stones and aromatherapy.

120MIN          150 MIN

330 €             390€


"The armour" is the structure of all energetic and emotional blockages spread throughout your body.

These blockages keep you from experiencing a vibrant life full of health and freedom.

Dearmouring is a process that allows deep release of this emotional and energetic armor. It is a very efficient way to help you dissolve tensions, pains and disfunctions stored in your being.

Begining with a full body massage, Dearmouring works by focusing on specific areas and trigger points where the energy need to be freed. It uses both deep and very light touch, combining different qualities of mouvements to activate the process of liberation.

Dearmouring in in itself has a very sensual effect.

Because of the sudden release of energy through your system, it can bring you to very high states of ecstasy.

It can be practiced alone or mixed with tantric massage.

Appart from the direct pleasurable effects it gives you, Dearmouring can have long lasting results of transformation, letting you more vibrant, spontaneous and alive.

tantra preprograming 

 90MIN            120MIN

  500 €              650 €

Balance the Ying & the Yang within you while two experienced tantra masters interact with both poles of your energy center. 


This experience is a moment of guaranteed ecstasy: your body totally relaxed,  modelled  by four hands.

It is massaged according to well chosen techniques which require a perfect harmonisation of movements using perfectly balanced techniques to achieve maximum equilibrium.

120MIN          150 MIN

500 €             550€

After a break up one of the most difficult process that we experience is the continuous images that appears from past experiences lived with your ex, is very common to have flash backs of the intimate interactions that we had with our ex, you can see these when you try to be with someone else that you really like but the image and sensations of your last partner appears.

Our body record the touch, smell. energy. emotion from the experiences that we have, and more if it was a long relationship.

With these session you will learn how to reprogram your body from these experiences. 

The art of Tantra Meditation - by Luna



1.     Awakens your senses.

2.    Release of negative emotions. 

6.    Releas of stress and anxiety.

2.    Reconnect with yourself and your intuition.

3.    Heals your body and mind. 

4.    Balances your feminine & masculine.

7.    Boosts your confidence and creativity.

8.    Grants vitality in your life.

9.    Expands your consciousness.

10.   Awakens your  highest potential.

"Tantra awakens your Vital energy, to flow it through your higher Chakras and balance the two poles of your Divine and animal Consciousness."


68 Rue de Rivoli, 75004

Paris, France

Tel:  +33 669 021 476

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